Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ozone decline stuns scientists

Article Published: Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Ozone decline stuns scientists
By Katy Human and Kim McGuire Denver Post Staff Writers

Solar flares and frigid temperatures are believed to be working with human chemicals to eat away at the protective ozone layer above the North Pole, surprising scientists who have been looking for evidence that the planet's ozone layer is healing.
The ozone layer protects Earth from dangerous ultraviolet radiation, which can cause skin cancer.

Last winter, Arctic ozone declined more precipitously than ever in the upper atmosphere, probably because of violent storms on the sun's surface, one team reports today in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

And in recent days, a lower layer of ozone has undergone an extraordinary thinning because of a level of bitter cold (about minus-110 degrees Fahrenheit) rarely seen in the Arctic and manmade chemicals, researchers said. One Colorado scientist has raced north to document the event, expected to sputter out within days.

The two unusual findings have experts worried that they don't fully understand the dynamics of ozone depletion.

"I don't think we can be confident about whether or not we're seeing an ozone recovery or if we're attributing recovery to the correct causes," said Cora Randall, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Colorado.

Randall and her colleagues studied a dramatic and unexpected drop in upper-level ozone levels last winter. A few months before the decline, massive solar storms had blasted high-energy particles toward Earth. Randall suspects the energetic particles helped create chemicals called nitrogen oxides, which are known ozone-gobblers.

Solar storms are natural, she said, but some scientists suspect humans also played a role in creating conditions that contributed to the historic ozone- depletion event.

Human-emitted chemicals are largely responsible for the massive ozone hole that has formed at lower levels in the Arctic atmosphere in recent days, experts said. There, unusually low temperatures are triggering reactions in which manmade chemicals quickly devour ozone, they said.

"Something like this only happens once every 20 years," said Russ Schnell, with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder.
His agency deployed Andrew Clarke to a lab in Greenland, located under the area of sky where the ozone layer is diminishing. There, Clarke is lofting testing equipment into the sky with giant balloons. It will be weeks or months before the results are understood, he said.


Anonymous said...

If chemtrails contain ethylene bromide as the Europeans tell us, the bromine would rapidly deplete the layer. What is "operation cloverleaf" which is supposed to be a way to improve radar resolution and reduce sunlight reaching the earth, by putting it in jet fuel. It sounds like another crazy conspiracy idea, but I don't remember contrails like this until the last few years, and patients report a lot of respiratory symptoms after they are seen. Makes you think, especially if another system, like the ozone's depletion rate, fit the model. I urge you to investigate this angle, if no one has, as it may sound crazy, but if it is true it could give a plausible explanation that fits the data. You might also note that the monitoring of UV B is now done by the pentagon, not the EPA. If they are doing the chemtrails and don't want to alert the science sector for fear of opposition or exposure of the program, moving it from the EPA to the military would make sense. Unfortunately, trying to control the weather, tame a natural strange attractor dominant system with point attractors, is dangerous, as it can collapse a dynamical system if point attraction dominates the system. We would be very arrogant to try to control the weather. Would our government try to do that? See Kay Bailey Hutchinson's bill on weather control. Food for thought....

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how these "ozone experts" continuously blame "man made chemicals" i.e. SUV's and freon gas for A/C's for the depletion of ozone, yet they never get around to telling the populous
that every time they send up a satellite or the space shuttle into space, it punches a HOLE in the ozone layer THE SIZE OF AUSTRALIA AND TAKES UP TO THREE MONTHS TO COVER BACK OVER!!! Hmmmm!!!??? Also, a few years ago, there was "no hole" in the ozone and somehow THAT never got reported!!! And touching "weather control" the military ALREADY can do that and has done it with Katrina not to mention the four hurricanes that they generated to hit Cuba. They placed military laser generators up in space and all it takes is to shoot pulses down to the ocean in a circular pattern to get the circulation started and then pulse the edges of the system to guide it. The energy to start and drive a hurricane and/or tornado comes from energy from the ionosphere to the ground NOT from "warm water"!!! and the storm systems that ravaged the midwest this year was brought to you by the same crazies that are ruining this country to drive us into their NWO!!! Enjoy your ignorance folks, because things are gointg to get a whole lot worse around here!!!