Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LOST! Ruth Drown File Till AUG. 23

The IRS Vampires Are Sucking Me Dry…

But You Benefit BIG TIME!
Attention Dog Lovers!
Save over $100 with my first (and last) "Gotta Pay the Tax Man" Supersale!

Dear Vampire Slayer,

I need your help!

Bloodsucking agents from the IRS...I wish it were that easy. You don't know the half of my issues with Vampires lately. My friends will know what I mean...those who hear my stories on a regular basis.

It is actually the County Clerk...the Local Tax Collector that told me I am $457.93 behind on my county tax payments. What is worse is that I discovered this only after they put leans on my credit report. Speaking of Vampires...it was Visa that knew about this before me and jacked the interest rate on my business account to over 23%. Of course this is the same account that had my lowest rate and the most generous balance...the same account I was stupid enough to use as capital to print the Journal of Borderland Research with in the year 2004...it has never paid for itself. Any revenue the journal made sucked into the rent and very bottom line and never paid more than the monthly interest..going on three years now. This leaves a few thousand dollars at nearly 24% interest.

I must have $500.00 immediately and $5000.00 as soon as possible.

That's why you're reading this!

Because you get a firesale price on a bundle of my most desired titles.

That's right. And I mean FIRESALE! (They won't let me say Shitstorm...)

I am not going out of business, or worse.

I just decided that paying off the Visa Loan Sharks and the County Clerk was a smart thing to do. And do it quickly.

So as I was brainstorming, I thought about turning a potential negative, into a positive. You see, this way of paying "the man" helps a few lucky people like you!

"Get Your Hidden Tesla, Hard to find Patents, Rare Victorian Alternative Science, The "Lost" Ruth Drown File, Books and Videos of Eric Dollard, and the stunning secrets to engineering Vril Energy!"

I'm offering all of these kook science training guides together for the first time ever.

Lost! Ruth Drown File


Hurry, order now.

Oh, one more thing!

You'll still have my full, unconditional personal guarantee for a FULL 30 days.

Remember, this offer expires when the auction ends. You have nothing to loose, and an very impressive stack of the very best kook science available to gain.

Order now, before your chance to get this special discount expires. With a price this low, this rare opportunity will be gone in a flash.


Chris Titan

P.S. That's right, you gotta go take a look at the four different auctions. This is crazy discounts. How will you decide which one to choose...

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