Thursday, September 08, 2011

Meade Layne: Godfather of ufology and one of the last great mystic-scientists!

Juan Ochoa offers his vision of Meade Layne drifting far, far out into the Etheric realms of the high Mojave, standing in sight of the Giant Rock, as he reviews an old edition of Mr. George Van Tassel's 'I Rode a Flying Saucer'.

Meade Layne (September 8, 1882 - May 12, 1961), founder of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates, was a parapsychologist and early pioneer in the field of ufology. His earliest writings on the UFO phenomenon predate the Kenneth Arnold sighting and laid the ground for the interdimensional hypothesis of flying saucers.

Layne's public work as a borderland researcher began in 1945 with the publication of a mimeograph journal, the "Round Robin", and shortly thereafter the foundation of the Borderland Sciences Research Associates, tying together strands from psychic research to flying saucers, occult science to radionics. His goal was to liberally study, review and report on the discarded or uncommon strands of science and occultism, often relying on unconventional means and sources of data. The final product of his efforts has been described as an "eclectic mix of Theosophy, Swedenborgianism, Spiritualism, and Fortean events."

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