Sunday, June 12, 2011

Into the Etheric Borderland

Long abandoned by modern physics, what alternative views of the cosmos does an Ether offer to those who remain firmly in support of the Aetherian Concept? From the Ether Vortex and Etheric Physics to Etherian Aeroforms and Intelligences, we are marking this June 2011 at the Journal of Borderland Research with a featured run of classic Round Robin and Borderlands articles by Meade Layne, Carl F. Krafft, William F. Hamilton and others, spanning a broad scope of etheric dimensions, physics of the ether, and all other things ethereal.

To help spread awareness of these ether concepts, we've likewise reduced the price of the 2001 annual, "Ether/Electricity and Its Manifestations", from $14.95 to $7.95 -- while supplies last.

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